Vms enables the connection of multiple all-in-one units.

This can be used to connect multiple sites across different time-zones or split up a single site into sub-systems.

One operator is able to access up to 100 sub-systems simultaneously.


how it works

Create a Real-Time Control

Our system supports monitoring up to 10,000 sites by a single operator and 200,000 cameras by the total system.

Why Choose Ninja VMS ?


Don't be held back by a maximum number of streams based on browser.



Record to MP4 or WebM and open videos on your mobile device.


Websocket provides realtime events pushed to connected clients.

Checklists driven

AI Remote Monitoring

Our AI-powered video analytics platform allows you to develop checklists based on industry needs in addition to selecting from pre-existing checklists.

This allows you to keep a close eye on process compliance.


Multicast Streams

When you have one source providing data to multiple clients. Base64 and MJPEG streams with VMS work in this manner.

MJPEG Streams

Motion JPEG, A socket that stays open only for serving JPEG images.

Region Motion Detection

Choose an area between coordinates on your video stream for motion detection to occur.

Delete Motionless Video

Continue recording and check to see if video has motion. Files without motion found will be deleted automatically.

Time-lapse Viewer

Watch a whole days worth of videos in a few minutes.

Automatic Backup

Automatically upload video data to the a remote address.

Ready to Start?

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